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Is it worth learning the art at the age of 50 years?

I'm learning the art at the age of 50 years. All students are young men and girls, sometimes I feel ashamed that I'm learning, but I have nothing else to do but housework (my kids are far from settled in their jobs), the husband is too busy with his business, I am realizing that I have a passion for art, but I never tried before, except I did four paintings under the guidance of an artist from 2-3 years ago .. Can anyone suggest? How I can use when I learned (part-time work)?

In 5 years who will be 55. Are you going to do something halfway, or you have had 5 years of living his passion. Either way, you are 5 years older. His passion shows in all parts of your life. You're not really asking if "worth" at 50. Your real question is "Do I believe it worth? "You do not have to justify to anyone. Explore your passion with the heart. Things you can do with it, play and work-wise, are endless. It is too early to ask that question. It is not written in stone. If you are not working for you, do something different. Already an artist, lifelong learning is the nature of art.

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