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Does anyone know of any art book useful and informative to help one with a picture of the male anatomy?

I am an artist of learning, I have things I still need practice. At this point, all you have trouble with drawing are men, mostly with guns, the structure face and legs. So I was wondering if anyone knew of art books to recommend, I do not want any books that have to deal with artistic nudity, but only with body shape, I guess more like a Ken doll. But really bugging me not being able to draw men, so if anyone knows of a book I could buy from Barnes & Noble (not the Internet) would be greatly appreciated. PS: If any of the words are misspelled, I apologize.

The Hogarth book okay, but I was a fan of comics for years (well, still am) and graduated in Graphic Design, a program that includes a lot training in fine arts. For me, if you are looking for non-nude stuff, Jack Hamm is the classic source. That actually breaks down to draw different ways head and face, with sections on all the features of the face, arms and legs, different poses, and it shows in a lot of different styles. Mr. Hamm is coming from a commercially ancient artist (the book has been around for over 40 years) to his people all look like out of a 1950 television show, but the basics are there. In addition, long ago to show how the clothes are based on the body in different poses and tips for not "overdraw" the wrinkles. I which is very useful as a starting point. I'm pretty sure you can find it at Barnes & Noble or at least ask them to get it in stock. http://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Head-Figure-Jack-Hamm/dp/0399507914 http://www.coolworldpages.com/academics-education/article4270.htm

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