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drawing can be learned by reading books?

Hi guys .. I really want to learn to draw realllllllly .. but the problem is I'm 26 n doing a job and I can not really go to any school of art at this time ... so I was thinking of buying some books and learning through ol, but problem is that I'm not sure how far you can go for the books and ol coz I do not want to do as a hobby, but I darwen as Professionals ... We also recommend any some books, especially coz some websites There are many so I'm confused, to be followed ... please help really really need a help .. Hey guys :-( thanks for replying .. No I do not really mean just reading books I meant with the help of books. Obviously I have to practice a lot. :-) I guess I put this in a bad long before, he! n plzz suggest some books :-(

Well, no, obviously not just read the book. you have to practice drawing. what kind of art? realistic or not? find an artist you like and try to do something like what they do. but not copied. and practice! I am inspired by things around you. try to draw a portrait of a person in a magazine. set a still life scene and draw. depending on the speed of a student who is, you can take a while. Must also be patient. a steady hand for detail. I honestly do not need books. I have used books when just started and now I'm a little angry with myself because I've adapted to personal style the artist who created the book. I'm trying to develop my own style now. Practice at least an hour a day and if an idea comes to mind, slightly less than outlined. always You can return to it later. Good luck! if you get famous mention that I helped! haha;)

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