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Should I take a course in digital art?

This summer I'm taking a class at a local community college and I was thinking of taking digital art. However, We know also that there are plenty of tutorials and books you could buy on digital art, so my question is, how shall I teach or spend money take the class? I can not really draw that well, but I'm very creative and have many ideas that I would put together digitally. I also like learning photography Photoshop would be beneficial.

Take the course. Yes, you can learn on their own (and there is nothing wrong with teaching yourself what you can on your own) but the great reason to take a course is to get feedback from your instructor and other students on how well your art is work. A program like Photoshop is so broad and deep Some people get lost in the art that they forget that images too strong or so caught up in the creative potential of the program are not seeing their compounds are neglected or pixelated. Criticism is the main reason for taking any course of art, especially a digital art course. I recommend you take at least one.

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