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What classes / courses I have to learn Graphic Editing / art conversion for a job?

A family member recently gave me the opportunity to receive training and some work for her. She has a company that produces shoes and accessories and need someone to have graphics oringal or raw, pre-existing images, and impressions and to be able to do that work, looking fit and well placed accessories. I need to know what kind of classes programs, software, tutorials, etc. would have to stoop to do this on my own as a freelancer in a factory or workshop. So basically the steps to know the area of ​​conversion of Art fashion accessories.

Ideally, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration Graphic Design, which would require a 4-year college or university. In a situation of low income going to buy a Mac version of student-teacher Adobe Create Suite and Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a book.

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